About The IoT Guy

I’ve been in high tech for more years than I care to remember.  I started out as a techie doing everything from IBM mainframe systems to client/server and windows 3.1 installations before moving into sales and marketing.  I’ve worked for and with Fortune 500 companies, systems integrators, a successful startup that went public, and a few startups that unceremoniously flamed out.  I’ve also built a successful niche business in an industry that is now under attack from patent trolls.  It’s been one hell of a ride.

In the new and broadly referred to world of “The Internet of Things” how do I justify calling myself “The IoT guy”?  It’s really quite simple: much of what I have read about IoT is consumer centric and relatively few are talking about the potential impact on the enterprise.  I have a great deal of relevant experience and believe I have something to offer.   It also helped that the URL was available so I grabbed it.

Over the years I have done numerous conference presentations, lots of videos, and have been published by leading industry journals and respected standards organizations.  I’ve never really taken a serious crack at this blogging thing, but in the emerging world of IoT I find my head is now bursting with things to say and this seems to be a pretty good forum.

So there you have it: A collection of assorted musings about “The Internet of Things” from an entrepreneurial thinker with decades of experience and a pragmatic view of technology adoption in the enterprise.

Been there, done that, consider this the T-Shirt.  I hope it fits.