IoT Consulting

I’ve worn a lot of hats throughout my career in the enterprise computing industry, initially as a hands on techie “customer” before I went to the other side of the desk as a sales and marketing executive.  Over the years I discovered that my core expertise is uncovering the value that exists at the confluence of legacy systems and emerging technologies.  I am continually evaluating new technologies with an eye towards identifying unique capabilities that can bring value to enterprise customers.  On the customer side I take a holistic view of their enterprise IT environment and brief them on emerging technologies that could help them address identified needs within their organization.  By understanding both sides of the coin I help technology vendors focus their efforts on markets where their offerings are uniquely differentiated and help end user customers define their requirements and narrow down the list of technology providers that can address their identified business needs.

In short, consulting customers can benefit from my unique experience and save valuable time and money when introducing emerging technologies into enterprise computing environments.

Consulting Services For Technology Providers:

  • Evaluate new products and services identify the unique capabilities that can bring value to enterprise customers.
  • Develop and execute on a go-to-market strategy focused on specific target markets where the companies unique offerings are best positioned to provide near term revenue generation opportunities.
  • Support sales and marketing activities including content creation and white papers, speaking engagements, analyst briefings, and customer meetings.

Consulting Services For Enterprise Organizations:

  • Engage with customers to help uncover pain points where they have been struggling to identify a solution with a compelling return on investment.
  • Brief customers on emerging technologies that may support their needs and provide a short list of vendors best positioned to support their initiatives.
  • Work with the customer team to develop a formal “Request for Proposal” and provide continued support throughout the RFP process.

To discuss your particular needs in more detail please contact The IoT Guy via email or phone at 856-448-4567.